Humorous story…The church secretary answers the phone and a man’s voice says, “I’d like to speak to the head hog of the trough.”
The secretary is offended. “Sir, if you mean the pastor, you may speak to him but you may NOT call him the head hog of the trough.”
The man reveals that he would like to donate $10,000 to the church.
To which the secretary repsonds, “Hold on, I’ll get Porky on the phone.”

We alter our perspective sometimes, don’t we? Ideas are more or less attractive based on what we see as the pay-out for us.

Sometimes that’s a good thing. And sometimes it isn’t.
Because everything has a price.
Living your Truth.
Pursuing your dream.
Not doing any of the above.
They all have a price, and the pay-out is generally not immediate, and is not always easy to calculate.
So if both positve and negative (living your dream or settling for mediocrity) both have a price, why not choose the high road.
Think Big about dreams…focus small on the daily details.
Don’t be blown with the wind. Don’t allow emotions to sway you.
Let’s Go…the ride is gonna be great!