Einstein, Newton, coffee, my Westie…the conclusion

You know how sometimes the morning is going along nicely, you are drinking coffee, reading the morning paper…

That was me..until my beautiful Westie ran into the room, jumped on my lap, spilling the coffee… I screamed, she tried to flee and knocked the laptop off the ottoman…MASS CHAOS in 3 seconds or less..

A perfect example of all three of Newton’s Laws of physics. Quick…name them.

• A body in motion stays in motion until acted on by another force

• Force =mass times acceleration

• and my favorite, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

This is not a physics lesson…keep reading…

This mini-disaster also generated lots of energy. It takes approximately 1 joule to lift a small apple one meter over your head. According to Albert Einstein, my sweet 17 pound dog has approximately 719,004,142,989,454,112 joules of potential energy. Of course, that amount could only be reached if she were to spontaneously explode.

But that’s not my point.

And you’re saying, “What is you point, egghead?”

My point is there is a LOT of potential energy just waiting to be used, inertia just waiting to push something around.

Do you have a dream in your head? A job or hobby you are longing to pursue? A calling that won’t let go of your heart?

Maybe you want to go back to school and pursue a different career. Or open a specialty retail store. Or become a dog trainer. Or a chef…or a florist. The possibilities are endless.

And know this: dreams don’t come alive in your heart to play a painful joke on you. You aren’t ever give a dream that can’t be fulfilled, even if it has to be tweaked bit.

Also know this: whatever you dwell on comes to being. There are no exceptions. Because thoughts are energy, thoughts create their own reality.

If you think your dream can come true – you’re right.

If you think your dream is impossible – you’re right.

Name your dream. Hold a picture of it in your mind. See it coming true every day. Then take action. A small first step. Then another. Inertia will keep it moving and the law of reciprocating motion will build on each success.

Please send me your thoughts…and be alert for the dog jumping on your lap…