T-minus 8 hours…first step toward Lightness of being

The Biggest Loser contest is but a night’s sleep away. And I am READY!!

Today I went to the movie theatre and fairly screeched “YES, it’s my last chance” when asked if I wanted butter on the popcorn…

Don’t send me emails – I know it can’t be that way. Extreme doesn’t work. In any situation.

What I am excited about is being more healthy, not feeling like a slug, having a new /old wardrobe. I could bring myself down with “how did I get here” talk – but I AM here so the reasons only matter so I understand how to keep from being here again. Negative self-talk will not benefit me at all! I also look forward to this step being the initial one in a year of positive change in many areas, moving toward lightness of being in body, mind, and spirit

The most encouraging thing for me right now is that I can clearly visualize how I will look when it’s time to wear shorts. In the past, I have wished for it or hoped for it…now I can see it, which makes the path more clear.

Tonight, the sand man is on my heels. Look for an early edition tomorrow – first weigh in then taking measurements (for my own benefit). Time now for good rest.

Thanks for walking with me – see you tomorrow.

Beth =)