Biggest Loser Day 2. Losing weight or bitterness or what?

Day 2 is almost complete . I believe I have lost 7 pounds…hey, it’s my story – I will tell it my way.

I have made good food choices. And I did more research. The human body is a constant source of amazement, don’t you think? Such intricate processes from the time food enters the mouth until it passes through 35 feet of intestine and is expelled. And I wonder yet again why I choose to put all sorts of nasty fuel in this machine??

What I know, however, is that overeating and bad eating is rarely about the food. You knew that too, didn’t you? Being overweight is not simply about eating too much – losing the weight is not as easy as not eating.

Sunday’s sermon topic was bitterness. I wonder how many weight issues have bitterness as a major contributor…I wonder if it contributed to mine. That’s part of the goal. Not just treat the symptom (too much weight) but identify the source. Bitterness, boredom, lack of self-esteem…a cup of each?

Focus on weight loss and seeking out the underlying cause? That’s rather demanding. Perhaps unrealistic.

I asked myself this question today: which will be more effective for the long haul? Focusing on losing weight or seeking the underlying cause? The answer is: I am giving up the focus on weight loss.

Maybe it’s not the same for you. Maybe you need or want to focus on the weight loss. And that’s cool. But for me, in this time and place, I choose to stop giving thought energy to the food and seek answers to questions like why I would NEVER allow my house, vehicle or yard to become overrun with garbage, but I have allowed my body to accumulate 60 pounds of fat?

In truth, I can’t FOCUS on that either…more like open my heart and mind each day, listen, uncover.

Sleep calls.

See you tomorrow…Beth