Biggest loser, intentionality and other light subjects

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” –Unknown


This quote (thanks JoJo)speaks directly to my choice to stop focusing on the food … think about the things I can do, instead of the foods I can’t eat. Besides being a foolish choice from an emotional standpoint, giving thought-energy to my longing for food is selfish. Waa Waa Waa I can’t have OreosChipsPoptarts and Pepsi to wash it down. Really? REALLY? How about what I CAN do – which is choose high-octane fuel foods every day. Many people in the world don’t have the option. So the focus on food is ridiculous. And over.

Let’s focus on cleaning…mind, body, and spirit. Great way to start a new decade, isn’t it? And it’s really not much different than cleaning the garage, which I did in early November. Did I do it because I was bored or didn’t have 12 other things to do or wanted dirt in my sinuses? Nope- just wanted the car to have a snow-free home.

You know the routine- keep pile, give away pile, throw away pile. Sometimes in the midst of this cleaning, I discover things I wish I had, items that would benefit either the organization process or some aspect of my daily life. But far more often, I find items that are broken, out of place, out of style, or simply not necessary anymore.

Isn’t your life like that? Mine is. I don’t mean it to be that way. You don’t either. But life happens, a few things get out of place, dirt accumulates. And there is a mess…in my garage, in my spirit, in my body. Do you know this story?

I say I don’t mean for messes to happen in any part of my world. But maybe that’s part of the problem. Messes are unintentional…but what IS intentional? What am I intentional about in my life? Think about that for your life.

Life is all about choices. In this new decade, I choose to be intentional about the health of my mind, body and spirit. To rid my world of toxins, ones I contribute and ones I abide. I choose to be intentional about pursuing excellence in my work and my relationships. I choose to be intentional about the fuel I put in this amazing machine God has given me to live in – choosing high octane fuel and exercise not so I can reach a number on a scale, but so i am healthy and able to complete the work He has for me.

I would love to hear about your efforts to be intentional. Together we can lift each other, be cheerleaders pointing to the goal when someone stumbles.

Right now, sleep calls.

G’nite…see you tomorrow,