Snow, peace, extravagance, sensory perception..and stuff

I am so blessed with loving people who encourage me. And with positive people who inspire me.

Already today I have received these three nuggets of wisdom:

1. God loves without caution or reservation. He loves EXTRAVAGANTLY. How amazing is that visual image!?! Extravagant like a $100,000 car or a 10 carat diamond ring or the house of your dreams equipped with every gadget and convenience available. THAT is how the God of the universe loves me and you.

Now here’s the rub… He wants us to do the same.

2. Inner peace =

A tendency to think and act deliberately, rather than from fears based on past experiences.

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

A loss of interest in judging others.

A loss of interest in judging self.

An increasing tendency to allow things to unfold, rather than resisting and manipulating.

The list Brandie sent was longer, but you get the idea. How can we ever expect to have peace in our homes, our country, our world, when we have no peace in our own hearts?

And let me tell you this…having peace in your heart is SO WONDERFUL!!! Beyond explanation.

3. The Washington Post conducted a study of perception and priorities. The paper arranged for a world-class violinist, Joshua Bell, to play in a Metro subway station for one hour. Approximately 2000 people passed him. Six people stopped to listen, but very briefly. Children wanted to stop but their parents generally pushed/pulled them on. The previous night Joshua Bell had sold out a Boston concert hall at the average price of $100 per ticket. In his hour of subway playing he received $32.

We are so quick to judge, and so hurried that we miss amazing happenings all around us, every hour. Instead of walking barefooted in the grass, we complain about mowing it. Instead of listening to the nature sounds when the world is blanketed in snow, we complain about shoveling it. I shoveled three times yesterday…maybe I lost a pound, maybe the reward was watching my dog run with glee.

What if I become consumed with showing extravagant love to people… what if I covet and become diligent about maintaining and reflecting inner peace, what if I open every one of my senses to the wonders of each day…WHAT IF? clearly life would improve…and I am betting I would never again have to think about what the scale says!

What do you think?