Dream, shoes that don’t fit, and other significant things

Two significant events have taken place in my life recently. I had my first motivational speaking opportunity. AND I finally put the brown loafers in the Goodwill bag.

Unrelated? One less significant than the other? Not to me. They each represent a shift in thinking, a turning of the tide, if you will.

First, the brown loafers. They were stylish, trendy, and on sale. Still not inexpensive, but discounted nonetheless. You know how sometimes shoes fit your foot but don’t feel right. And you think once you wear them they’ll feel better. Yeah, you’ve been there. And they never feel right. But you keep them and keep them and keep them.

More about the shoes later…

For years I have dreamed of being a writer and motivational speaker. So many times, the little voice in my head and the Voice that holds my heart whispered to me that I was gifted to write and speak words that could teach and inspire people.

Maybe you have a dream that has been delayed or ignored? You can see it, you feel the excitement of it… but something keeps it just out of reach.

FEAR. Fear keeps it out of reach.

Do you disagree? I did for a long time.

I said I didn’t have the money, didn’t have the time, didn’t know where/how to start, didn’t have anyone who would help me.

All lies rooted in fear.

Do you disagree? I did for a long time.

I wish I could tell you there was an earth-shattering event or word from someone that changed everything – a blazing moment like that would be a much better story.

Instead it was a series of small steps, most of which I can’t even name, that lead me to a place of “OOOOHHHH, now I get it”…that lead me to recognize the fear.

Thoughts of “lack” (money/time/help) are unnecessary energy drains…everything you and I need to make our dreams come true is already available. Our doubts have simply kept it away.

Don’t believe me? Do this: take 3 days and listen to your own conversation (both spoken and internal), and to the people around you. What you will undoubtedly hear is fear, lack, doubt, lots of negative energy being passed around. It is a virus that infects you UNLESS you are aware and willing to CHOOSE something different.

For me, the fear came from not fully trusting myself or God. It came from listening to the voices around me. Please understand, I did not (and you probably will not hear) people specifically saying that you are not good enough. What you will hear is a pervasive amount of “lack,” an attitude that believes only special people reach their dreams while the rest of us must drag through life being satisfied with a job we hate it, being resigned to a body that is unhealthy, being burdened by dreams that have died.

Don’t buy into the lie. Listen to Power that created you and the voice in your head.

That’s what I did when I said YES to a speaking engagement even though I hadn’t started putting thoughts on paper. I said YES even though I lacked the details – but the details came, and it was successful and exhilarating and a first step. On paper I don’t have a second booking…but the voice in my head and the Voice that holds my heart tell me there are so many offers I won’t be able to accept them all. I choose to believe it and put my faith and energy toward that dream!

Believing is what I did when I left corporate America to be a fulltime writer. I listened to the two voices that love me most- mine (finally!) and God’s (always!).

It’s also what I did when I put the brown loafers in the Goodwill bag. I stopped listening to the fashion police and my friends who had the same shoes, and I listened to my feet.

As I did, I wondered what I might have missed because I listened to others. A restaurant that sounded good, a movie with an interesting trailer, a book with an enticing excerpt…and I passed because a reviewer said “thumbs down”. Or, more importantly, the potential friendship I missed, the witness I didn’t share, the witness I didn’t hear, when I allowed the voice of someone else in my life to discourage me.from embracing another.

Please understand: I still listen to what others have to say. BUT I weigh it against my dreams, against the voice in my head and the Voice that holds my heart…

and I don’t push my dreams aside…and my feet don’t hurt.