Fat Gracie, MoJo, and Fear

Fat Gracie and Zooey ran away on Independence Day. Not because they wanted independence, but because the fireworks scared them. So they started digging – as dogs do – and soon were under the fence and gone.

Zooey was back in a few hours…without Gracie. And because the 4th was a Sunday, and the government holiday was Monday, all shelters were closed until Tuesday.

So my friends, their owners, prayed and worried and wondered.

I feel like my MoJo left me about the same time. Swag, as some folks call it.

Do you ever feel that way? Like you just can’t put the pieces in place for several days in a row? You pray and wonder how to get your MoJo back…and no sign of it.

Mine left for the same reason Gracie did – FEAR.

There is a situation in my life that can, although not always does, but can make me fearful. Which I hate.

Fear is of no value. We are born with only two fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Every other fear is learned. Did you process those words? Every .Other. Fear. Is. Learned.

And don’t we all have a couple people who exacerbate our fears! Just when you get the worse-case scenario out of your head, they come along with the WHAT IF. It’s generally not malicious, but still throws you back into the cesspool of fear and doubt.

This is even more frustrating to me because I am afraid of almost nothing. Not heights, fire, snakes, spiders, small spaces, big crowded places (okay I don’t LOVE those), tunnels, bridges…no phobias.

This current situation doesn’t cause me to operate in fear all the time. But it lurks. You know what I mean?

Here is another sign that my MoJo is on the lam: I misplaced something a few weeks ago. It was not something of life-changing importance. But I don’t misplace things. I generally live by the “place for everything/everything in it ‘s place” rule, and I know where that place is. The act was more significant than the item because it pointed out that at least one wheel is not balanced. Definitely missing the swag.

I know and believe that Jesus, who is the author of my faith, fully understands all my challenges and difficulties. Even still, I don’t recall a single time in the Bible when Jesus lost his swag. THAT is why I hate fear. It does nothing but suck power from me…I ALLOW it to steal my joy and power.

FEAR of a situation they couldn’t control made Zooey and Fat Gracie run. FEAR of a situation I can’t control has stolen just enough power and joy to render me slightly unbalanced. And slightly is too much.

On Tuesday July 6, my friends contacted every local shelter. No Gracie. Their last hope was a Craigs list ad. They clicked on the pet section to place a Lost ad…and there was a picture of Gracie in a Found ad!! She was taken in by a woman who knew there were loving owners somewhere, and hoped the ad would help locate them.

So while my friends worried, Gracie was having a party.

And somewhere in the land of good vibes, my MoJo is rejuvenating and waiting for me to stop allowing my power to be wasted.

I’m going put out notice that it’s time for my Swag to head home. Thanks for letting me vent!