Stream of consciousness…or just me talking

Joni told me the Softball blog was “just okay.” She is a dear friend, and trusted reader…and I appreciate her honesty. I could feel it when I was writing. Just couldn’t get to the point.

We have days like that, don’t we? Days when we aren’t feeling it, when everything falls a bit short of the mark. But I am a writer and I needed to write. So today I am simply going to write. No goal direction. Just whatever is on my mind. Scary.

One of my friends got positive news about a biopsy today. Positive as in GREAT, as in no cancer. It is the result for which many of us have diligently prayed, as she has already beaten cancer twice. So YAY!!! Huge relief.

Is it hard for you when a pray is answered and your prayer request seems to be on hold? It’s hard for me. I am truly thankful for the negative biopsy and happy for my friend. And I know and believe my request is being answered…I just can’t see the answer and I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!

Maybe you aren’t like that. Might be just me.

My dog hasn’t felt well for a couple days. I wish she would tell me what’s wrong. That language barrier is frustrating. Or maybe she is being passive/aggressive – she’s not going to tell me what she needs until I don’t do it…then she will BITE my head. Nah, she is too sweet and straightforward for that. Don’t you wish some people were more like dogs?

Giant Eagle is giving away more pharmaceuticals. First it was antibiotics. Now it is diabetes meds. They have “formed an agreement” to provide these drugs at no cost.

Okay, firstly (!) NOTHING is free. Someone is paying. Big Pharma does not give drugs away free. Secondly, how about if we truly want to combat diabetes we give fruits and vegetables away. Or gym memberships. How about we treat the problem and not the symptoms? Crazy idea, isn’t it?

Which reminds me of how annoying Walmart is. Very. I avoid it at all cost. Because if I do suffer temporary insanity and visit the Big Box, I am immediately accosted by people screaming at their crying kids. Often, it is two people…which means…ONE OF YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME…with the kids. Just a suggestion.

And I am shocked/amused when people say, “They moved things around in Walmart. I had to walk all over the store. I went in for one thing and spent $75.” Seriously, someone should inform Walmart – they may want to develop a marketing strategy around that.

Why do we always want the weather to be different than what it is? All over Facebook: “I wish it was autumn.” Don’t get me wrong. I love autumn. But it only lasts, like, 10 days in Western PA! Autumn is not a season here…it is a blink. If I am wishing for a different time than right now, it is surely NOT going to be for a future date (“Don’t wish your life away” – Helen Painter). I am wishing summer before 7th grade. I want to go back. SHEESH…I don’t want time to go faster.

I will stop with the stream of consciousness now BECAUSE I have something very fun to do. I am going to drive a scooter for the first time. Got my motorcycle permit last week. I have always thought a motorcycle would be fun, but not a responsible choice. Not sure what changed my mind…maybe driving one will reinforce my original thought? We’ll see…

Thanks for hanging with me today. Next time I will be more focused…maybe…