81 Days???

I was in a store today looking for Halloween decorations…had trouble finding them among the CHRISTMAS things!!! HELLO!!! What about Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Then the cashier reminded me that we have only 81 shopping days until Christmas.

Thanks, lady.

When I was a kid and “couldn’t wait” for christmas/birthday/vacation/etc, my beloved Grandma would caution me about “wishing my life away”…and on the back side of my fiftieth year, I finally understand what she means.

Isn’t it odd and confronting to think about your parents and grandparents at the age you are now? When my mom was 50, I was 29. We went to Disney and Pirates spring training camp to celebrate her 50th birthday. And now I am that age???
My grandmother was 52 when I was born. I still feel young, but I don’t ever remember thinking my grandma was anything but old.
Funny how that works.

Death doesn’t scare me at all, because I know what eternity holds.
Still, I have much left to do in my life…much to write, many people to touch, many ways to make a difference, many things to do for God. And the wheels spin faster each year.

It’s rather counterintuitive to waste time thinking about it, so this blog will be short =)
But I believe it is something we all experience…and you know me, always wanting to share my thoughts!

Have a terrific day…make it a great one!!