Photosynthesis, Fall Ball, and Marky Mark

Quick… what significant event occurred on Oct 5, 1991? Think hard…we’ll come back to it in a minute.

Many folks in this area have been clamoring for the end of summer, for autumn to descend. And, oh goodness, it has. Rain. High temperatures in the low 50’s. Yep. Autumn is here.

I understand what people wanted. A break from heat and high humidity. Days in the 60’s, nights in the 50’s. Beautiful colors on the trees. I get that. Autumn surely has its own set of attractions.

Interesting thought about photosynthesis: what we appreciate about it – brightly colored leaves – is only a brief and cosmetic part of an amazing process. While the most highly developed creatures (that would be us, folks) grumble and complain about snow, cold, and ice, the trees follow the sun’s direction and begin to prepare in early September. They shut down growth, drop their food supply and prepare for the storms. What we see as beautiful color is the tree’s way of preservation. And while we look at the spring buds with wonder, it was the bare tree standing firm through the winter that was the real miracle. The leaves aren’t just beautiful, they are also a signal. It’s more than what the eye immediately sees.

Football. High school, college, professional. Do you love it like I do? Fall is also a great time to golf…and to watch softball.

I love the intricacies of fast pitch softball. Yes, home runs and strike-outs are fun. But small ball is what wins games – solid defense, smart base running, moving the runners over – this is the foundational stuff that makes a championship team. Winning is always great, but fall ball is about building and learning. Spectators cheer when runs are scored, but the process, the skills being learned, the habits being formed are the true worth. Fall ball is more than what the eye immediately sees.

Which brings us back to Oct 5, 1991. Not really a significant day, unless you are Mark Wahlberg. That’s right. Good Vibrations went to #1 on the Billboard chart that day. Marky Mark: NKOTB drop-out turned petty thief turned rapper . You remember. The song had a good beat, but the kid was a fluke, right? Then he made an exercise video. Still a fluke. Now he is an Academy Award nominated actor, a successful producer and director of film and television. Marky Mark was more than what the eyes could immediately see.

We do that so often, don’t we? We judge what we see – or what we THINK we see. We don’t ask questions. We don’t even imagine the truth might be different than our limited perspective shows. We don’t consider the process, only the immediate view. We guess at people’s lives and motivations.

That situation or person I judged yesterday could be completely different than what I “saw.” And I may have forfeited the chance to see the whole picture, the truth.

Maybe you have never done that. Maybe it’s just me.

Photosynthesis, fall ball, Markey Mark…more than what the eye immediately sees.

It’s such a good vibration…it’s such a sweet sensation…

Have a great day!