Fleas and other woes I brought on myself

My dog missed getting her flea repellant last month. No big deal, right? One month. How can that hurt?

Let me tell you how…on Monday I shaved and bathed 2 twenty pound cats, stripped my bed to the mattress, then used a flea fogger. Tuesday brought another fogger application, this time in a very large closet where the cats like to sleep. On Wednesday, I bought flea spray which is now being used in addition to flea collars. The dog and I have been sleeping on the couch all week.

So yes, missing one month was a big deal after all. And it was simply negligence on my part. I do remember thinking she needed to be treated, but I wasn’t home at the time. And It clearly was not made a priority in my mind.

It happens in your life, doesn’t it?

We know something should be done, but it isn’t convenient – or even possible – at that moment. “Forgot” is a readily used excuse, but not really valid. I remember most everything I truly want to remember. It’s when I don’t commit something to memory or take the time to create a reminder that I “forget.”

Other times we know but simply ignore. We think other choices are more important…or that no one will know. Maybe we are busy, or it doesn’t fit our mood or our needs at the moment. Sometimes we know for certain it is wrong, and we do it anyhow. Because really…what will it hurt?

Sometimes it is maintenance issues on our home, car, body, spirit. Other times it is an ethical or spiritual issue. Always, we ignore the immutable fact that sow = reap. Every time.

There is no reason for me to be irritated by the time-consuming nuisance the fleas have been..it is my own fault. Not the dog’s, certainly not the cats’. All mine.

The craziness of my life could be an excuse. Unexpected work issues, unexpected health issues for family members…blah blah blah. Excuses. I knew it needed to be done and I didn’t do it.

Conversely, I knew eating whatever I wanted for the past few years was unwise. But in a thousand separate moments, I justified it.

In each of these cases, I choose to do what I FELT LIKE doing. And the result is that now I must do some less than enjoyable tasks to right the situations.

Sow always always always = reap. Don’t change the oil, the engine blows. Don’t stain the deck, the boards rot. Don’t eat well and exercise, the weight comes on. Don’t nurture your kids, the relationship is gone. Don’t choose love and respect first, the relationship dies.

Certainly, there are situations outside of the norm. But most aren’t. We find excuses. We don’t feel like trying, don’t feel like exerting, don’t feel like sacrificing or denying our desires.

One lie, one betrayal, one (more) spouting of hurtful words…we justify it because we have been hurt too, ya know. So that makes it right!

One more day we put off checking the tire pressure, one month we neglect flea repellant…we justify it because we are busy or we don’t like to do it.

When we follow our feelings and emotions, when we live the way we want in spite of knowing better, the worm always turns. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. As individuals. As a family. As a society.

Live now by what we want and feel and must have, pay later. Live now by what we know to be right, have more freedom later.

Simple. Not easy.

Gotta run…it’s time for another application of flea spray.

See you again soon.

BP 🙂