Five Minute Friday: CONNECT

Ironic word for Five Minute Friday, as I use a laptop that is on its final toe. Not leg. Toe.
“Cannot CONNECT” is a message I see often on my screen…
And in my life.
Events that do not CONNECT with my expectations.
Prayers that do not seem to CONNECT with the One who answers.
Bills that do not CONNECT with the balance in my account.
I reach out to people and the CONNECTion goes astray. Disappointing or the Father’s Hand?
Am I CONNECTed enough to Him to even know?
So here is my new goal: CONNECT.
First to my Creator – every morning, a hundred times a day, again before I close my eyes.
And all other attempts to CONNECT will fall right into place.
my five minutes is up 🙂

Five Minute Friday is an exercise in which the writer is given a prompt and had Five Minutes to compose. No editing, no second guessing. Then, go back and encourage the writer before you!
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  1. Thank you for honestly sharing what so many of us feel…..trying to make what we have on one side connect and match to our obligations on the other. It's a hard balance for sure. So grateful for your encouragement this morning!

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