Dr Suess, Salt and light, not me…

Today has been, to borrow from Dr. Suess, a no-good-very-bad day.
So at 10:11pm, I am starting this quick blog, then going directly to bed.

Why, you ask, has it been a bad day? Because I let it be one. No – I made it be one.
And I am writing this because maybe others do the same. Maybe. Or maybe I am alone?

I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say before I was out of bed, I received a message that changed my plans in a major way. No one’s fault really – just life.
I stayed in bed a bit longer…praying…putting on the happy face…turning it over to God.
Yeah, that didn’t work.

Isn’t it funny how EVERY single thing is bothersome when you start the day badly and let it go downhill? That’s what I did. GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP. I did a few things that were not optional, but not joyfully.

Here is something else I do when I am choosing to have a bad day…I refuse to sing. No, I mean REFUSE. Because I know singing will eventually bring me out of it. And I didn’t WANT OUT OF IT!!!

Please know that these days are very rare for me. Generally, if I run into a wall during the day I bounce back quickly, in a flash.
But today, I was tired and weary of some long-term stuff. There was hope this would be a day  that changed the “stuff”…there have been days before this one which held the same hope. All in vain. Again, no one’s fault, just circumstances.

Have you been there?

Now, I am about to go to bed to stop the misery. 16 hours of little joy, perhaps one laugh. Determinedly squashing everything I knew might jolt me out of it.

I was as far from salt and light as it is possible to be. Maybe that is why I am exhausted and achy.

The purpose of my full disclosure is a distinct feeling that someone needed to hear this. If you’ve had a day like this recently, you aren’t alone. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t waste another day regretting this one.
Snuggle your dog. Sleep well. get back at it tomorrow.
That’s what I am off to do.

We will talk again soon…
BP 🙂

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  1. Like you, I tend to bounce back quick… but every once in awhile, I'm miserable. Starts with something small, and I let it snowball. I DO sing however – angry, "The World Sucks" music… I wallow in it for a day, and get it out of my system.

    For some people, that's their typical day. I try to leave a breadcrumb trail.

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