Five Minute Friday: WIDE

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Today’s word is WIDE
The first thought in my head is the children’s song about God’s love being Deep and Wide.
Of course, I know it is. It encompasses and covers me daily…hourly.
But other things are wide as well.
Life’s troubles.
That’s the one that gets me today. Chaos all around and within. Maybe you are there as well?
Like a glass shattering on the floor. One minute clean, the next dangerous shards, visible and nearly invisible, in all directions.
Or maybe the chaos is not so wide. More like a tunnel. That’s where I am now.
In the past, my advice to friends in challenging situations has been that we must walk/crawl/fight through the tunnel of chaos. It is the path to something better, with the other option being to retreat and see no change.
For me, the tunnel has been L-O-N-G, mostly dark, very wide, affecting everyone in my life – whether they know it or not.
But on this day, I trust and count on the WIDEness of God’s mercy being a sea to this dark stream. I stand on His WIDE arms being strong enough to pull me from this tunnel of chaos. I look forward to being amazed by the WIDEness of  blessings ahead, and laughing at the misconception I have of what WIDE really means.

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  1. Oh, so thankful for that wide and deep love this morning when mine can be so shallow and narrow. Stray out of it just a bit and you feel my wrath. It's a lot like those shards of glass you just never know exactly when you'll find one. Thank you so much for these gracious words this morning.

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