Five Minute Friday: WELCOME

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Today’s word is WELCOME
Interesting that today’s word is WELCOME because I had recently run across the etymology of the word.
It’s good to explore the meaning of words and phrases. Sometimes we find a meaning we had not anticipated or considered.
We often see “Welcome” on door mats. This is appropriate, as the origin of the word is from an Old English word wilcuma, which means “one whose coming is in accordance with another’s will” or “one whose coming brings pleasure.”
I certainly would hope to be welcome in the homes and lives of others. So I ask myself, “Is my coming pleasurable?”
I have a nightshirt that says’ “I am one big freakin’ ray of sun!” Is it true? Am I a ray of warming sunshine or a thundercloud?
How about you?
And does my home and the personal area in which I walk through my day a welcoming one? Is it comforting or caustic?
How about yours?
We get to choose.
What? Circumstances, you say? Others’ behavior, you say?
WRONG, I say.
We get to choose. Every hour, every day, every encounter.
Today I choose wilcuma. I choose to be one big freakin’ ray of sun.
Will you join me?

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