Cramming, Excellence and 31 Days to Being a Real Writer

Day 6…and 7…and 8
Wow. Very busy long weekend. A friend is visiting from out of state and we have run run run since Thursday, which has left me three blogs behind.
And today I got a new phone…another BIG distraction.
So today I am thinking about  maintaining a schedule, choosing to abide by it,  and dealing with guilt if the schedule goes awry.
It happens to all of us, doesn’t it? We begin a project/diet/exercise program/behavior modification, and for the first few days we do well. The life comes harder and faster than we thought.
I suppose this is a great test for my commitment to “31 Days to being a Real Writer.” Can I make time each day to do some writing, put aside at least an hour to put some thoughts to paper? And if I don’t, does it sidetrack me so much that I don’t continue?
That has been my story in the past. Big start, good run until something interrupts, then fizzle.
I haven’t always had confidence in my abilities, and when a glitch appeared, when something didn’t go as planned, it would be an out, a justification for “See, I knew I couldn’t do it!”
Have you ever done that? Given yourself an excuse for failure. Dropped a commitment at the first stumble. Decided it was easier to quit than press on.
Yeah, me too. More than once. And it has cost me.
But it has taught great lessons.
Now, I ask myself this question at least once a day: Am I being excellent?
Sometimes I don’t ask, but it comes as a still, small voice: “This is not what excellence looks like.”
It is similar to the nudge God gives me when I am about to be disobedient or do something dumb.
Do you know that nudge?
So I have missed a few days. And I feel conviction when I think about my friends who have not missed any.
But it’s fine. Tomorrow is a new day to start again.
Maybe you have something you would like to start again.
Join me. We can climb past the schedule monster who is chasing us, and the guilt monster who sees others NOT failing EVER, and the “I told you so” monster who wants us to quit.
We’ll show them…and ourselves!!
We will  talk tomorrow…
BP 🙂