30 days of Gratitude…Join me?

Well, October is passed us. I participated in a writing project in October, and while I did not write every single day, it was a worthy venture. I learned much, including that I am, indeed, a REAL writer! On days I didn’t write, there was a noticeable hole. 
Writing is not just something I enjoy – it is something I must do. Like singing, writing is an extension of my soul. Good lesson.
Now November…my birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, the start of Christmas madness, and did I mention my birthday?
Gratitude is a resounding theme for this month. You may have seen other writers dedicating their blogs to 30 Days of Being Thankful. Add mine to the list.
On this first day of the month, I am grateful for the reinforcement of just how much writing means to mean.
How about you?
I hope you will join me and think about gratitude for the next 29 days.
We will talk again tomorrow…Until then, ponder these words from hymn writer Martin Rinkart:
Now thank we all our God,with heart and hands and voices,
who wondrous things has done,in whom this world rejoices;
who from our mothers’ arms has blessed us on our way
with countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.