My ruler…Whining…and 30 Days of Gratitude

Nov 7
Today is rather direct.
I am thankful to live in the greatest country in the world.
But I am more thankful for a secure future. Not because of who occupies the White House. Not EVER for that reason.
I believe my life is in the Hands of One far more powerful than any human being. I believe He always has the best in store for me. I believe He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and has all the resources I need to live an abundant life. No man can take that away.
How about you?
If you are a Christian, I am wondering why you are bemoaning your fate this morning? Why are you whining and being a sore loser?
If you are a Christian, the President does not control your life.
If your beliefs don’t line up exactly with mine, there is still good news.
YOU alone control your destiny.
Not your family. Not the hand you were dealt. Not your current station in life.
NOT the government. MY GOODNESS – not the government.
I am grateful that I can CHOOSE where my attention and efforts go.
I can CHOOSE my attitude.
I can CHOOSE where my life goes.
You can too. Do you believe it?
If you don’t like your life, change it. Determine your own destiny.
Gratitude opens doors.
Gratitude clears your path.   
Gratitude is a multiplier of everything good in your life.
And be very sure that lack of gratitude does just the opposite.
I give all praise and honor and gratitude to the God who made me and saves me.
He has made me GLAD.
I hope you are or will come to be full of gratitude.
Not “because” of anything…in spite of everything.
November…30 Days of gratitude. Will you join me?
C’mon – get HAPPY!!!
We will talk again soon…