Struggling, Remembering and 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 9
The bright sunshine reminded me that today I can be grateful for the abundant grace and mercy showering my life daily.
Good thing, because I am not feeling much gratitude today.
At all.
Have you been there?
I know…people recovering from  a hurricane…people with end stage disease…people in warzones…many people with bigger problems.
I KNOW. I do.
But the situation with which I have been struggling for 3 years is pressing down hard. I am weary to the bone.
Have you been there?
Every day I wake up with hope of resolution. Sometimes it lasts most of the day before disappointment sets in. Other days, like today, I find out very early about another delay, another setback, no resolution.
It isn’t the worst problem in the world. But it is sucking the energy out of me.
Have you been there?
So I make myself breath properly.
I look at the blue sky.
I pet my dog.
I am delighted to unexpectedly cross paths with a dear friend.
And I hold as tightly as possible to this knowledge: Whatever report a day brings, Jesus can override it.
Eventually – in HIS time – all will be well. This too shall pass.
I am grateful for that – and for the grace and mercy sustaining me until then.
Gratitude in spite of circumstances…
Have you been there?  
November…30 days of gratitude. Will you join me?
We will talk again soon…