Cuisinart, Irritation and 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 12
Jumping back into the blog pool after missing two days. The only person who chastises me for missing days is, well, me! The world of blogging, and the world in general, keeps turning if I tune out for a couple days.
Yeah, grateful for that.
And Cuisinart Customer Service did not hear from me today. Very grateful for that.
Here is the back story. I have a Cuisinart coffee maker – Grind and Brew to be specific. A year or so after purchase, it became impossible to remove the grinder for cleaning. Actually, it toyed with us for some time. Minor struggles one day, no struggle for two days, huge struggle one day, repeat. Finally it just wouldn’t come out at all. I called Cuisinart to register this frustration, albeit with no expectation since the machine was more than a year old. To my surprise, the representative offered to send a replacement machine at no cost! It seemed likely this was a known issue Cuisinart was trying to correct. “Trying” being the operative word.
The new machine is just over a year old and – you guessed it – the grinder won’t come out.
This has been coming on, as it did last time. But today was not a day to mess with me.
Several people I love are struggling with illness. So many other folks I know are hurting – emotionally, financially, in relationships. Lots of pain all around – and in my face today.
So no, I wasn’t in the mood for a stubborn grinder. I was very determined to get that sucker out. VERY determined. Pulled. Grunted. Pulled harder. Unplugged the pot and put it on the floor. Tried sliding a knife under to pry it off. Pulled with both hands. Said unpleasant things.
Then I noticed the dogs were sitting in the doorway with the “someone is in trouble” look on their faces.
And suddenly, I was grateful.
Grateful for the wisdom of dogs.
Grateful I didn’t have to look up Cuisinart’s phone number, wait on hold, have my anger multiply with every minute of being on hold.
Grateful for a matured spirit that tells me coffee pots aren’t worth the energy anger requires.
Grateful for a willingness to relax, use ground coffee, buy a new coffee pot soon…and know that none of that will change the world one way or the other. It just isn’t important enough to matter for more than a minute.
How about you? Have you had a moment like this?
I hope so. Very freeing. Light-bringing. Soul-opening.
November…a month of gratitude. Will you join me?
We will talk again tomorrow.