Words with Friends, Cancer and 30 Days of Gratitude

Day 13
One in three…1 in 3. Strong odds. And not good when the subject is cancer.
Today, my dear friend Nancy finished 30 days of radiation for a recurrence of ovarian cancer. She had endured chemotherapy during the summer.
Cancer is ugly. The treatment can be ugly as well. But today was the conclusion of treatment.  Today, at the end of this game, the score stands: Nancy- 2, Cancer- 0!
Certainly reason to celebrate and be grateful for God’s provision.
I don’t know how it feels to have cancer. But, twice, I have walked this road with Nancy.
So I do know the power of prayer.
I know the comfort that comes from a note, a call, a meal, a hundred other gestures.
I have seen how touched Nancy has been by this kindness from friends and church family.
As a writer, I spend much time reading, being moved by the words of other writers, seeking inspiration in every situation, every normal moment of the day.
Sometimes that comes from best-selling authors, from obscure authors, from the Bible.
Sometimes it comes from a conversation I hear, a life I glimpse for just a moment.
Very often, inspiration and strength for the day comes from friends who may or may not know it.
Today, from Barb – Struggling is God’s way of getting us to pay attention, since we are more alert when we’re needy. It’s quite humbling, really. 
And from Tricia – Life is hard Beth, isn’t it? And then, it is suddenly wonderful….
Today was a day of celebration – for that I am grateful
Words from beloved friends sharpened my focus. For that I am even more grateful.
What sharpened your focus today?
November is a month of gratitude…will you join me?
We will talk again tomorrow.