SURPRISE, Scaring people, and 30 days of Gratitude

Day 14
Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I still like to surprise people by staying out of sight – fine, call it hiding if you must – then saying BOO when they come close.
It is silly, but always brings a laugh. From me anyway. And people fall for it over and over. Perhaps they think I will grow up some day? HA!
Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?
Lots of bad surprises, challenging ones, debilitating ones.
You’ve had those, haven’t you?
So have I.
But then there are the sweet surprises…
Big surprises like a healthy baby when pregnancy seemed unlikely. An unexpected check when the bank account was empty. The return of an estranged family member.
Small surprises like a kind note from a friend. An unseasonably warm and sunny day. One more bloom from the rose bush.
It is of great interest to me to note that the more gratitude I have, the more likely I am to stumble on nice surprises. Coinkydink? Nah.
Try it for yourself.
Gratitude opens a door, and draws happy thoughts, new friends, renewed energy, all sorts of things that brighten your life.
Just for today, do your best to smile, say thanks for all the blessings you have, be kind – you will be surprised by the effect it has on your world. One of the surprises may even change your life!
November is a month of gratitude…will you join me?
We will talk again tomorrow…