Scars, tears, steps…and Father Hopko’s #54

Generally I am asleep, or at least in bed reading, by 11 PM. Tonight I am fighting off some pain.
If you have been tracking with me for any time, you know I had a lawn tractor accident last month. There have been many lessons as a result – the most resounding one recently is that perpetually swollen fingers (half fingers!) hurt.   
Today, I forced myself to be still, with my hand elevated, for three hours. It is a record. 
I finished a book. 
And I looked at my hand which now has 3 whole fingers, two very swollen, extremely sensitive half fingers, and a tender palm with a pink L-shaped wound carved by a mower blade. Scabs are coming off. Skin is peeling. Just not very pretty at all.
There will be scars. But that’s no big deal, is it?
We all have scars.
I am also thinking tonight about another of Fr. Thomas Hoko’s 55 Maxims for Christian Living:
54. When we fall, we get up immediately and start over
Father Hopko pulls no punches.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t want to get right back up.
Sometimes I am crying too hard to get up.
Sometimes the cuts are deep and I want to wait until they heal.
Sometimes I think they might never heal.
How about you? Do you ever feel that way?
And the worst pains are the ones I bring on myself. Pain of hurting someone I love. Pain of getting to a place I should have been able to see, I could see, but thought I would find a way to avoid.  
Can I get a witness?
Get up immediately and start over.
It is good advice.
Get up immediately and start over…through the tears.
Get up immediately and start over…while it still hurts.
Get up immediately and start over…before fear wins.
Get up immediately and start over…and maybe, just maybe, you can reverse some hurt, heal the wounds, have some restoration, recover something beloved.
I am thinking about scars…and tears…and different steps – that might be small but are moving forward and toward happy.
I am looking at my hand, thinking about how the symmetry in my body has been disrupted.
I am looking at the scars, the most severe my body has endured – on the outside.
I am thinking of the scars no one can see, and being grateful for healing.
How about you? Do you have scars? I know you do.
My words to you would be that people live with scars, relationships recover from scars and carry on.
I would tell you that deep wounds heal, that amputations require adjustment but aren’t an end.
That’s what I would tell you.
I hope I can believe it myself.
I need to sleep so tomorrow I can get up and start over.
We will talk again soon…


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