31 Day Challenge 2013!!

If you were part of my audience last year, you may remember the 31 Day Challenge for October. Mine was 31 Days to Being a Real Writer.

Facilitated by the wonderful folks at thenester.com, this is an opportunity for bloggers/writers to step up, focus, publish material every day in October.

Each writer chooses his or her own topic.

For many reasons – some of which will be discussed in the next month – I feel led to write about a rather personal subject. My topic is: 31 Days of Examining My Heart.

Certainly, that covers a lot of territory. I shouldn’t be lacking for inspiration!

How about you? Maybe you have felt some tugging as well. Maybe there things going on inside that require some examination. day.

I am looking forward to the journey.
I hope you will join me here every day.                          

We will talk again tomorrow..

Beth Painter is a writer and motivational speaker. You can follow her on Facebook on the “Think Big focus small” page.
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