Car dancing, Amy Grant and words that stick {Day 29}

How is this to brighten your day…the iPod is on “shuffle” playing through the car stereo and flips to a song you love but haven’t heard for years!
Big smile, right?
That happened yesterday when “Good For Me” came on. Heart in Motion. 1991. I adjusted the settings so I could hear the whole CD.
Amy Grant is 363 days younger than me.  Her music been running in the background most of my adult life. She seems to be someone with whom I could enjoy a round of golf, or an evening playing with harmonies while she sang…just a nice, normal person.
I think she would probably like to talk to me as well! And I could tell her how her songs sometimes made me dance, sometimes carried me through dark days.
Some people love a good beat – I do too – but lyrics are more my thing. A catchy phrase or good hook will stick in my mind forever. The right lyrics can make me smile or invoke so many tears I can’t even sing along.
My heart shows itself in my song choices.
Yours might, as well.
So, because I am writing this for yesterday’s submission, here are lyrics from two of my favorite songs on the “Heart in Motion” CD.
When I start to sing the blues, you pull out my dancing shoes
I think you could be so good for me
You get brave when I get shy, just another reason why
I think you could be do good for me… (Good for Me)
You are dancing a bit, aren’t you? You KNOW you are!
And this, from “Hope Set High”
And I can do my best and pray to the Father
But the one thing I ought to know by now
When it all comes down, when it all comes down
If there’s anything good that happens in life
It’s from Jesus.
True words right there.
If you don’t know the song, listen here:
We will talk again tomorrow… or later tonight J

I’m participating with The Nester in 31 Days of Examining My Heart.
This is Day 29.
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