A much needed kick in the butt {Preface}

In an interview on Good Morning America, this week, Ryan Ferguson told Robin Roberts he didn’t have time to look back, only to focus on getting back on track.
You say you don’t know Ryan Ferguson?
He is a Missouri man who was released from prison this week after spending 10 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.
Ten years. His entire 20’s. Gone.
It was significant to hear him say his family went through more hell than he did. They fought unwaveringly for his release…dealt with all the legal details…kept hope alive.
Prison, he explained, is just getting through one day at a time. He worked out, kept his head up, and waited.
3650 days…one at a time.
And now Mr. Ferguson is ready to put his life back together the same way.
I am challenged by “one day at a time.” I allow myself to become overwhelmed by everything I see in the big picture.
How about you? Do you ever find yourself under the weight of “everything” all at once?
Ryan Ferguson and a few other people helped kick me back in line. We will talk more about that in the upcoming days.
For now, I am back…recommitted…ready to reach the stars and help others do the same.
One day at a time.
We will talk again tomorrow.

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