FLOOD [Advent Day 5]

Day 5
Once again, the word fits the day.
Uncontrollable, life-altering, deluge, overwhelming…words that come to mind when I hear FLOOD.
Appropriate for Advent.
A FLOOD of ads in the newspaper, toy commercials in television, red and green colored decorations everywhere
A FLOOD of emotions, memories, wishes that may or may not come true,
hopes for things that can’t be wrapped in a package.
We are anticipating the day we celebrate the birth of the Savior. Most wonderful time of the year, right?
Even if your life is generally good, holiday stress can be difficult.
And if your road is presently dark, FLOOD hit the proverbial nail on the head.
Many of us in are a difficult place. Some show it…some fairly scream it right out loud…some don’t.
FLOOD of green and red.
FLOOD of imagining that everyone else gets to buy exactly what they want while you struggle.
FLOOD of cheery songs.
FLOOD of imagining everyone else attends fabulous holiday parties while you sit home alone.
FLOOD of cookies,fudge, tinsel, Ho-Ho-Ho’s
FLOOD of sadness and tears…and maybe a bit too much self-pity.
What if we had a FLOOD of empathy? A FLOOD of compassion? A FLOOD of forgiveness? A FLOOD of willingness to reconcile and give each other a mulligan? A FLOOD of brotherhood?

What if that’s why the Savior – the One who calms the storms with a word – came in the first place? 

We will talk again tomorrow…
I am participating in an Advent photo-a-day exercise. ReThinkChurch.org is facilitating the practice by providing a one word prompt each day. Participants are encouraged to share how we perceive each word. 
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