DELIGHT [Advent Day 9]


The songs reflect that spirit. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Holly Jolly…from now on our troubles will be out of sight…

Maybe that is your experience today. Maybe it isn’t.

We are moving toward the celebration of the Savior’s birth. A joyous time for sure. A life-changing event for many of us.

I love Christmas. The lights, decorations, smiling faces,  excited kids in line to talk Santa, a increased willingness to help our neighbors in need. Gifts? Sure – who doesn’t DELIGHT in gifts!!

It is important, however, to be mindful of those who feel little DELIGHT. The list of reasons is endless-grief, illness, estrangement of family, job loss, etc etc.

It isn’t necessary to diminish our own DELIGHT or hide our light. It is incumbent on us to be respectful, compassionate, honoring in any way possible.
A smile and a few kind words can brighten an otherwise dark day.

But how do we know who is carrying such a burden?
HA! That’s the kicker!! We don’t…best to simply offer those gifts to everyone who crosses our paths.

In that spirit, I offer this face.
A face that DELIGHTS in snow. DELIGHTS in snuggling even when she has been left alone for hours. DELIGHTS in quietly sitting beside me all day, in simply being near me.

Find DELIGHT in this day.
Share it with one who needs hope.

We will talk again soon…
I am participating in an Advent photo-a-day exercise. is facilitating the practice by providing a one word prompt each day. Participants are encouraged to share how we perceive each word. 
You can find out more and join here.

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