Allowing me. {Day 1} A missing fedora…and the spirit that matched

This child in this picture is missing.
Before you become alarmed, let me rephrase. The spirit of the child in this picture is missing.
If you have followed this blog for any time, you may remember the story of Rocco and his fedora*. I am still looking for a fedora. Just can’t find the right one. And sometimes the voice in my head says the notion is silly.
As I looked through a box of pictures recently, this one made me catch my breath. The fedora, the oxford with white socks, the crooked smile…it is so me. Except, not always, anymore.
Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever look at a picture of the pre-10 year old you and wonder where that spirit and smile have gone?
Maybe it’s just me…
I have no recollection of that hat or those shoes. I’ve always liked hats, but often feel goofy in them. And I am a fan of white sox with a white shirt, even though people make fun of me.
Is that a coincidence? No. There are no coincidences. Ever.
The child in the picture is me.
Is the person in the mirror me? Is it you?
The world infiltrates, doesn’t it? It tells us we look silly in hats and white socks are goofy and girls don’t ___ and boys don’t ____ and “we” can’t/won’t/never have/never will. And we listen, because we are kids and grown-ups know everything.
Then we grow-up and realize that isn’t true…but sometimes it isn’t easy to un-learn.
Have you found that to be true?
Maybe it’s just me…
I am participating in the Nester’s 31 Day Challenge. Pick a topic, write a blog, every day in October.
My topic is me…and you…and who we came to the earth to be.
As a Christian, I have been taught and fully believe that the Creator if the universe has a plan for me. It was in place long before I came to this earth. L-O-N-G before. And while there may be aspects of doing to the plan, I think it has far more to do with being.  
Often, we listen to people tell us who we are, and we stop allowing ourselves to be, well, ourselves. I don’t mean in a crazy, law-breaking, selfish, irresponsible way. But we listen to expectations. We listen to what other people think we are, should be, should do…and it isn’t always authentic for us.
There is a path, a stream for each of us. I don’t think we can ever really get off, but we sure can get tangled up, turned around, headed upstream.
My intention is to look at that in the next 31 Days.
I hope you will join me…and the girl in the fedora and oxfords with white socks.
See you tomorrow…

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