Allowing Me {Day 3} The Silly Toad Hunter…

It’s Friday. For this adjunct college English instructor, that means grade day.
And the grading website is timing out erratically.
And I have only slept four hours each of the last two nights.
And, oh yeah…this just happened…

My nine year old Westie got in touch with her ancestral roots this summer and became a hunter. Birds and rabbits amuse her.  But toads are her real joy.
My neighbors are treated to a nightly routine of Tori outside for the final time, and me following her around the yard saying, “Go potty. NO TOADS! Go potty. NO TOADS!” 
It’s delightful.
While I was focusing on grades tonight, she was outside on a mission. The dog who obediently stays out of flower beds all summer has now trampled many of them down as she sniffs and searches.
She was dirty and stinky. I was fighting with a wonky grading website and facing an unwritten blog, which was mapped out in my head but not on paper at all.
Sometimes Allowingmeans letting myself  BE something.
Sometimes Allowingmeans letting myself BE FREE of something.
Tonight this had to happen…
..which means my blog is about how it’s okay to not have a planned out, edited, masterpiece of a blog…or a meal…or a clean house…or a snack for work…or an empty dishwasher…or or or…
Sometimes I must Allowmyself that freedom. 
How about you?
No? Just me?
We will talk tomorrow. More intentionally, I hope!
For tonight, the grades are done and the dog is clean.


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