ALLOWING me {Day 6} Be Still…AGAIN?

I’ve been struggling with these blogs.
I know, I KNOW – it’s only October 6, so I have 25 days to go.
My challenge is the topic of ALLOWING is huge and important. I want to get it right every day.
Ironic, isn’t it…I want so much to get it RIGHT that I don’t ALLOW the words to simply come out.
I watched Joel Osteen today. Psalm 46:10 was referenced in his sermon as well.
Be still…I can’t seem to escape the concept.
And ALLOW…Joel said it numerous times.
Here’s what jumped at me…
25% don’t like me and never will; 25% don’t like me but could be easily persuaded; 25% like me but could be easily dissuaded; 25% like me and will stand firmly by me.
And then these words:
Don’t waste time trying to win over people who aren’t for you. Be still…
Don’t waste energy trying to get people to understand me. Be still…
Don’t waste time trying to prove yourself to people. Be still…
Run your race, focus on your goals, put up your walls and don’t let the mudslingers bother you. Be still…
Joel has a way of getting better pumped up. 15,000 people in the Compaq Center were nodding, shouting out, clapping, along with one person in Butler.
It sounds like such a relief, doesn’t it? Don’t let the 75% bother me. 
Don’t give away my power. 
Don’t allow anyone who doesn’t like me, doesn’t support me, distract me from my goals.
Some folks seem to do this easily.
Are you one of those folks? I am…sometimes.
But sometimes I ALLOW poison in. I ALLOW myself to be distracted by negative emotions. I ALLOW time to be wasted on “proving” battles.  I waste energy being aggravated by silly life things – a line at the grocery store, a slow driver, a person who wants to tell me a 10 minute story when I really just want to short version.
Sometimes people and their unproductive emotions come against me and Be Still seems a hundred miles away.
How about you?
The subject of ALLOWING cloudbursts to dampen my day is important and worthy of more than one day. So we will come back to it.
Until then, you can laugh with me and/or ponder this crazy question I heard yesterday…Why do bad things happen when I am already in a bad mood???
Oh yes, ALLOWING is a large topic.
We will talk again tomorrow.
Right now, I am off to Be Still…


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