{Day 12} ALLOWING…worry?

Inspiration comes at different times of the day. Today it was after I was in bed, realized I had not submitted a blog, decided that was okay and turned on a relaxation tape.
Then an idea popped into my head. So here I am, writing furiously before Day 12 ticks away.
I enjoyed watching baseball tonight, even though my Pirates are done. There is a beauty about the game not found in other sports.
I thought about this during the game – these men who are at the top of the profession do not actively worry about their abilities. They couldn’t. Jake Arrieta doesn’t look in at home plate and think, “Oh boy, this guy is good, I’m worried I can’t get him out!!”
Nor does a batter look at Arrieta and think, “His pitches are so good. I will probably never get a hit!”

Of course, they don’t do that.  We understand that they would never be able to perform to the best of their abilities if their mind was full of doubt and worry.
So why do we do that in our lives? Why do we think we can perform to the best of our abilities if we are worrying?
If you are in the middle of something you see as a huge problem, the following words may not be welcome:
Matthew 6:31-33 (AMP) Therefore do not worry or be anxious (perpetually uneasy, distracted), saying, ‘What are we going to eat?’ or ‘What are we going to drink?’ or ‘What are we going to wear?’…for your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also.
PLEASE HEAR THIS – if you are not a Christian, there are principles here that still apply!
I like the Amplified version of the Bible because the English language is limited compared to Greek and Latin, and this version gives alternative words which often strike me.
Here the amplification of “anxious” as “distracted” speaks volumes to me.
Jesus is being rather blunt, isn’t He? DON’T WORRY. Don’t be anxious. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things you might see as problems.
Did you get that?
Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things you might see as problems.
Jesus didn’t say this to be harsh or to minimize life issues. His intention was not for us to think that feeding and clothing our kids isn’t important. Not at all.
He didn’t even say it to create guilt or give a self-righteous friend the opportunity to say “Worry is a sin!”
Here is the revelation: WORRY DISTRACTS YOU.
The mindset you have when you are worrying about a problem is not the same mindset that will bring the solution.
WORRY WORRY WORRY doesn’t offer one single reasonable solution to any problem in your life.
Jesus told us to focus on the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added. In Romans 14:17, the Apostle Paul tells us the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy.
Fairness, virtue, honor, goodness…oh, and peace and joy.
Again, even if you are not a Christian, those are excellent character traits to which you could aspire.
It sounds so simplistic, which is probably why so few of us listen.
Jesus is offering a place for me to exist, a lifestyle for me to adopt that focuses primarily, with almost laser-like intensity, on worshipping God, on right living, on being at peace with others, on having joy in my journey.
OR I can worry.  
Hear this in a different way…
The place where you are fixated on your problem, staring at it, ruminating on it, puzzling till your puzzler is sore is NOT the place where you will find a reasonable solution.
The mindset of worrying about the problem and the mindset of coming up with the solution are DIFFERENT MINDSETS.
Jesus wasn’t beating on you or giving you a stick to beat yourself or anyone else. He was stating a fact.
Think about that.
Thanks for reading.
We will talk again tomorrow…
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