{Day 13} White & gold or blue & black?

I was talking with an old friend today about life lessons and what a gift they can be. We agreed that one of the best gifts is coming to the understanding that almost nothing other people do or say has anything to do with me. 

People live out their own wounds, their own fears, their own decisions about situations, whether they have know the entire story or not.

What others do and say is a projection of what THEY are thinking in that moment. 

Have you ever been a witness to an accident? Or heard a relative relating a family story? Have you listened and thought, “WHAT? That isn’t what happened at all!!”

It isn’t much different form the huge viral controversy a few months ago? Was the dress in the photo white and gold? Or was it blue and black? For several days, people were up in arms about it. 

The fact is, we see things differently. Everything.

So why should anyone but me decide who I am? 

Why should anyone but you decide who you are?

Sounds like a simple question. And yet one of the greatest challenges is to sort through who other people have said I am, who I think other people want me to be, who I think I should be, and who I am.

Is it the same for you?

Allowing authenticity in my life is a journey. It isn’t always fun or easy. 

Sometimes allowing myself to be ME means I have to be vulnerable, show others who I am, trust the process.  It takes courage. It takes love for myself and for others. Knowledge of who God made me to be has been lifesaving – literally.

You were made to be a unique individual.

The Creator knows who that person is.

Somewhere inside, under the wounds and the opinions, you know who that person is too.

I don’t believe we can reach the fullness of life until we are authentically ourselves.

Think about that today.

Thanks for reading.
We will talk again tomorrow…

BP 🙂

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