{Day 19} The magic of Christmas and other things I believe…

The Christmas I was six years old, my mom asked what I wanted from Santa. I told her Santa already knew. I sat on his lap and told him, so there was no need to tell her.
She asked me several times, but my answer was always the same.
I don’t remember the outcome. If I didn’t find everything under the tree that year, it didn’t scar me enough to stick in my mind.
What I do know is that I had no doubt Santa would bring me what I wanted.
Kids believe they can be or do or have anything they want. I believed that as a kid. How about you?
Then we grew up. Some people say “wised” up.
Jesus didn’t think so.
When the disciples tried to chase the children away, Jesus scolded them. In fact, he said we would do well to emulate the simplicity, candor and innocence of children.
We learn not to believe, don’t we?
We stop believing in Santa, in God, in ourselves, in dreams, in miracles…
Sometimes people share a desire and we say, “HA! You must be dreaming!” as if that is crazy. Or we say, “Yeah well, you better hope for a miracle for your desire to happen!” as if it is impossible.
We teach each other not to believe or dream or expect anything out of the ordinary, don’t we?
How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ll believe I when I see it!” – then when they don’t see it, they say, “See, I was right!”
Here is the irony: the truth is, you will see it when you believe it.
Don’t believe me? Try these words…
Prov 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so he is.
John 11:40 Did I (Jesus) not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?
John 20:29 Jesus said, “So, you believe because you’ve seen with your own eyes. Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing.”
How many times when we pray for our version of a miracle, do we REALLY believe it will happen? As in we are certain…we can SEE the miracle coming true? Which means we stop worrying that it won’t come true?
And what is a miracle anyway? Someone being healed? Much needed money coming from an unknown source?
I call the Creator of the Universe God. You might choose another name or term. No matter what word you choose, consider this – God not only created the entire Universe and everything in it, He also holds every planet in place, in orbit, EVERY second of every day. He keeps the moon orbiting properly so the land isn’t swallowed up in a crazy tide. He orchestrates weather. He regenerates trees and plants.
Sometimes I remind myself of this. I say, “Beth, Have you LOOKED AROUND at our planet lately?? Have you held a baby or smelled puppy breath or considered the amount of food you put in your mouth with no thought of what happens to it?”

I don’t have to remind myself to breathe, or thump on my chest every minute to keep my heart going.
Making sure the sun comes up tomorrow is never on my to-do list.
I am looking out the window at the moon with no fear that it will fall on my house.
Have you thought lately about any of this amazing stuff?
And we think money for a refrigerator is a miracle? Or even someone being healed?
I understand why. We have convinced ourselves that miracles rarely happen anymore. We are so consumed with what we SEE that we don’t BELIEVE anything beyond the end of our noses.
And we are wrong…
You can be or do or have anything.
If you believe and focus.
John 11:40 Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?
Do you think that doesn’t apply to you? Do you think God doesn’t want you to soar?
I believe that if God has given you the passion to want to do something, then you can be 100% assured He will give you the ability as well. Wouldn’t anything less be cruel?
You can be or do or have anything.
Think about it.
Ask God yourself.
We will talk more about this tomorrow…
Thanks for reading.
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