Cleaning, reorganizing…and my first video blog!

Is spring cleaning still a thing?

My Grandma always did it, and when she was unable her four kids – and their kids – gathered on Mother’s Day weekend to clean her whole house. We washed walls and windows and curtains and comforters.

Did your mom or grandma do that? Set aside several days in March or April to wash everything in sight?

Some people find great satisfaction in a task like that. It’s nice when  the windows and curtains are clean, and you know there isn’t hidden dirt lurking all around.

I rarely devote an entire day, let alone several days, to nothing but cleaning. I do a little bit each day instead. There is a reason for that, but that is a story in itself for another day!

This video discusses cleaning and reorganizing. I hope you enjoy it. There is a Subscribe button so you don’t miss future videos.

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